About Us

I am working as a chief executive officer in Blue Dart. We call ourselves as Bluedarters. My role is to take care of end to end delivery and tracking of shipments. I am very proud to work in the world’s biggest and innovative courier service company. Here at Bluedart, we take customer satisfaction as the highest priority. That is why we provide 24×7 pickup and delivery facility.

My hobby is blogging, traveling and reading books. I started this blog to provide valuable information on courier service. This blog is helpful for newbies who want to venture into courier world. I took different case studies of major courier companies like Blue Dart, DHL, FedEx and explain how they started their business.

MyBlueDart.com is the perfect website where one can about blue dart courier service and can also track the status of the shipment. This website provides the problems that the major courier service has faced when they started their business. It also describes in detail on how these companies have solved the problem with their innovative solutions and latest technology.

I will also provide you the comparison between the Blue Dart and other courier companies. After reading this you will know why blue dart is better than any other courier business units. I request everyone to follow my blog and make it a big success. If you have any questions regarding this blog or starting a courier business, you can shoot me an email. Thanks for reading about me.

about us