Blue Dart Courier Service

Blue Dart Courier Service

This is a case study on blue dart courier service. Here you will know how blue dart has started its courier service and evolved over the years. Any one who wants to enter into the courier services must watch the below video. The video details on what problems blue dart has faced when it started and how it resolved them with their innovative technology.

Blue Dart is the best and largest in the domestic express industry. Blue Dart ships more than 24 million shipments a year. It delivers consignments in time and makes their customers happy. It started operations in the year 1983 with an investment of Rs.25000. Its vision is to reach the customers globally and delivery 1 billion packages every year. Since then it has grown tremendously and acknowledged as the best by the Industry. It has close to 50% market share in the air express segment.

Blue Dart has its own air crafts for delivering goods to international locations and it is the first one to own air crafts. It services run throughout the day and picks packages even at late nights. It delivers the goods to the right consignee and updates the tracking information in real time. The sender will receive an SMS as soon as the package is delivered to the consignee.

Blue Dart provides customized solutions to its customers. It also offers various tools to the customers in order to track the package delivery in real time. At the beginning, it has faced problems like delay in delivery updated, security hassles, heavy financial and manual investments. Blue Dart has come up with innovative solutions and solved all these problems.

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